Would you help us to fulfill the dreams of young families?

You are welcome as a volunteer at the Centro Hispano Marista!

We offer GED® preparation classes that are held weekly on Tuesday evenings, from 7 to 9pm, from September through May at the Marist School campus. We help individuals receive a high school diploma and enable them to have better opportunities for themselves and their families.

The program has tremendous impact on the lives of working adults. For example, Fátima, the mother of 3 young children whose husband works 2 jobs, was able to apply for the DACA initiative. The program not only enabled her to remain legally in the U.S. with her family and gain employment, but also allows her to become an example to her children about the importance of an education and hard work.

Please watch the following video with a message from our teachers:

Talented and dedicated volunteers teach our GED® classes. This allows us to keep tuition affordable to reach more students. We have about 400  students enrolled each year. The demand for education from our students continues to grow. We have more aspiring students than there are available teachers.

If you are interested in serving the Hispanic community and you have a passion for education, please consider becoming a volunteer teacher at the Centro Hispano Marista. We provide an educational environment for college or graduate students and professionals who would like to teach or substitute for GED® classes. We are always in need for Spanish-speaking college graduates that could teach Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. We have very few English GED® teaching opportunities from time to time.

We will have teacher workshops starting in August and September, but we accept teacher and substitute teacher all year. If you are interested, please contact us at gedvolunteers@marist.com or at (770)742-9090. We can send you more information. Thank you for considering sharing your talent and time to help our students achieve their goals.

We also encourage high school students to help in a variety of activities, including, tutoring (Spanish desirable), volunteer management, and help support during our weekly classes. When students serve students, there is a great opportunity for learning from other. Several Marist juniors and seniors have been very welcoming and supportive to the Marist Hispanic Centro students.

Marist senior, Jack, describes his experience at the Centro Hispano Marista: “The GED program has really helped me to not only broaden my perspective on social justice, but also to appreciate what this country offers and what I have been given in my life. Each Tuesday, while volunteering, I witness the hard work of hundreds of individuals who would do almost anything to earn the right to stay in this great country. This display has helped to motivate me to help those in need as well as take care of anything that I need to do in my life.”