Many of our students are going through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Be aware of scams. Preparing adequately for the GED® requires time and effort. Avoid any GED program that offers to prepare you for the GED® test but without requiring you to attend any actual classes or offer letters just for enrolling.

For those students who need an Official DACA letter, be aware that not all letters from GED® schools will be accepted by Homeland Security. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services only accepts DACA letters from institutions approved by Homeland Security. The Centro Hispano Marista is an approved GED program by Homeland Security.

Also, be careful with who you choose to represent you legally. Make sure that your lawyer specializes in immigration and that he/she is approved to practice by the State of Georgia. Note that not all notaries are lawyers in Georgia.

Deferred Action letters to demonstrate you are a serious student are distributed only after (1) passing successfully a recent session, with full attendance and participation; and (2) with the enrollment to the following session. This will be an understanding that you continue being enrolled at the Centro Hispano Marista until you get your GED.

*If you are a Centro Hispano Marista DACA student, you won’t want to become a dropout. We do not and cannot renew letters for students who have withdrawn or were dropped from our program. Ask your lawyer about the repercussions. You do not want to be left out.

Frequent Asked Questions about DACA letters:

You need to comply with the two requirements below to request a letter:

  1. Successfully complete a recent class session (attend to classes, complete at least 80% of homework materials, take final test)
  2. Be enrolled for the next session (to demonstrate you are serious about your studies)

No exceptions are made.

We will process letters at the end of the month. You can request it within the first three weeks of each month. The process involves the next steps:

  1. Student’s request the letter with all the information required to an administrator.  Please do not ask for a letter if you do not comply with the requirements, to make the process more efficient for everyone. No exceptions are made.
  2. Verification that you comply with the two requirements when requesting the letter.
  3. Signing and returning a document that we will send you, where you understand that we will monitor your progress and that we will drop you out if you do not follow the agreement. Remember we will be very transparent with immigration officers if they verify your information at any time.
  4. Review your address and other information.
  5. If you ask for more than a letter in a year, there is a processing fee of $10 for each letter you request.

No. You must complete a session RECENTLY, so you will have to wait until the session is over and enroll to the following to comply with the requirements. This is why we do not recommend to abandon the program until you get your diploma. This guarantees that you will hold an active status in our system at any time.

We will consider effort and attendance, therefore, it may count.

It wouldn’t be fair for those students who do put the time and effort to comply with the requirements. The answer is no.

We need to show evidence and prove at any moment that you are a serious student and not someone that just enroll to get the letter and leave.  This is why we earn the validation and can help hundreds of DACA students who are doing everything right.

We wouldn’t recommend it, but check with your immigration lawyer. If we cannot prove you are an active students with dates and material covered, you will ultimately pay the consequences for not waiting until having the right letter and documentation.

Our sessions are now shorter and more frequent than before, so we recommend you apply for DACA with the right letter we provide you. All your DACA classmates go through the same process–do it right so you don’t have any problems later on.

Yes, at anytime! We will be happy to help you! However, due to the amount of letters requested, we will process them at the end of the month.

*There is a processing fee for each letter you ask extra within a year.

Yes. We recommend that you take your studies seriously and do not leave until you graduate.

No, you don’t need our letter and you do not need to reenroll. Once you obtain your GED, send a copy to your lawyers so they can update your file. You will be able to renew your DACA as long as the program remains in place.

*If you are going through a DACA process, be proactive!  Follow the rules and be mindful that some sessions fill out quickly. If you know you will need a Deferred Action letter, do not wait until the last week to request it. We want to help you, but you need to be responsible and enroll during registration times.