If you have more questions not covered below, send them to us at ged@marist.com or call us at (770) 742-9090.

The GED® program at Centro Hispano Marista is recommended for young Hispanic adults over 18 years who did not complete their high school but have some knowledge of the material to be covered. Our GED® program is also for Spanish native-speaker adults who have some high school level and who could prepare in Spanish to take the GED® in Spanish.

The opportunity to participate in the GED® program is given to student who demonstrates understanding of the subjects and willingness to improve their academic level.

If you do not have the minimum level to enter our program, we recommend you to seek for other literacy or ESL programs. Reading and studying on your own is another option. Please check our resources page to find more options for you.

*We are not an ESL program. We are a GED® preparation program.

Yes! We welcome everyone 18 or older who wants to finish their GED!

Yes, we offer online classes or in hybrid format (online and on campus). Check our new student page for more information.

Remember that for online classes you need access to a computer (cellphone is not enough) and a good daily internet connection.

It depends on two variables: your academic level and the effort you put in the program.

From the academic level perspective, the program is not the same for a new student who arrives with an 11th grade level than a student with an 8th grade level. The average student will spend 2 semesters preparing for Language Arts, 1 semester for Social Studies, 2 semesters for Math, and 2 semesters preparing for Science. Some students may just need one or two classes to graduate. When you register to our program, you will take a placement test per subject that will allow us to put you in the right class. If, for example, you have an advanced math level, you may be able to take a semester class or less, instead of a 1 year class.

From the effort perspective, students who study harder usually succeed in finishing the program faster. It is important to understand that coming to classes alone will not be enough to prepare you. You need to work on your own improving your knowledge and skills. The GED® test is not an easy test. When you pass it, you will demonstrate to be at college level. Effort plays a big role on your progress. We have seen students who study every day and use the summer to advance. These students finish in less than half of the estimated time. We can help you prepare for the exam, but it is really your decision how you use this opportunity.

Check our calendars.  You can apply at any point of the year to start the process. Formal registration for the fall, spring, or summer are normally in November, April, or July.  We usually start the process 2-3 month before the first class.

If you would like to be included in a list to send registration reminders, please fill out this form (click here). When we open early registration, we will let you know by email.

Visit the NEW STUDENT page for more information, details, and exact dates.

We recommend that you prepare in the meantime, so you increase your changes to enter our program. Visit our website regularly.

We have rolling admissions through out the year. Make sure you fill out the interest form to receive information about early registrations and admission days.

If you do not pass the admission test, we will return your money discounting only the cost of the test. You can reapply in the future.

Don’t mix languages. You must present the 4 GED tests in the same language to count towards the GED® Certificate.

We recommend you take all your tests and classes in your strongest language.

The GED® program and tests are offered in English and Spanish, and they are all equally valid. The actual GED® diploma is published in English and there is no reference made to the language you used in your GED studies and tests.

Yes, if you finished your high school in another country, you can take the GED instead of going through the translation and re-validation process. We will love to prepare you for your test. Make sure you register for next semester. If you want to receive a reminder, fill out this form (click here).

The GED® program is accepted by nearly all universities in the U.S. and many across the world.

The GED Ready® is a screening test ($6 when paid online with a debit card) that predict your readiness to pass the GED. The official GED ($40 per module) is longer.

It is important that you know that there are only 2 GED Ready® test available per subject. In other words, if you pay for a third one, you will get a repeated test and the score won’t be a good indicator for passing the official GED® test.

At the Centro Hispano Marista, we use the GED Ready® as our final grade or measure. You can take the GED Ready® at our computer lab through us (recommended for first classes to help you with questions and preparation), or at any computer. If you pass it, we recommend you schedule your GED® as soon as possible through the GED® portal. You can only take the official GED® at their selected locations. Make sure you inform us if you pass any of these tests on your own by sending a picture where you name is visible at centrohispano@marist.com or text at (770) 742-9090.

Our teachers can tell you when you should take the GED Ready® or the GED®.

Learn more about the GED® at our GED® page or www.GED.com.

All your teachers are wonderful volunteers. They do not get a monetary compensation, which allow us to offer you a low tuition. Despite their busy lives, they take the time and effort to help you succeed at your GED® and to give you some mentoring advice for life. Our volunteers are highly educated professionals. All our faculty members have undergraduates and most have masters and doctoral degrees.

Our teachers deserve all your respect and courtesy.

You can read more about them in our “Meet our Teachers” page.

Yes, but your teachers can guide better about when you should take the GED Ready® or the GED®. Remember there are only 2 available GED Ready® test available for each subject, so you want to take it when you are ready.

We recommend you had at least one session at our computer lab before you try your first GED Ready®.

After you have passed a GED Ready®, we encourage you to take the official GED® as soon as possible.

Please let your teacher know when you pass either test. Also, update your results (photo with your name visible) with our Registrar Office at ged@marist.com. It is the only way we can update our database and advance you to the next class or Graduation Ceremony.

Student may take the GED Ready® test whenever they feel qualified in the particular subject.  For example, a student might feel qualified to take the GED Ready® Math test and not be enrolled in Math. We recommend students to take the GED Ready® first to determine if they are ready to take the official GED® test. If they pass the GED Ready®, they should go ahead and take the GED® exam as soon as possible.

If you pass a GED Ready®, please take your GED as soon as possible. If you pass the GED® exam in the summer, congratulations! We will move you to another subject at the beginning of the school year.

Please notify Centro Hispano Marista whenever you pass either GED Ready® or the actual GED® exam so that you will be not be placed in that subject area. You can do so by emailing a picture with your results with your name visible to our Registrar Office at ged@marist.com. If you are enrolled in that subject class, please also notify your teachers.

You need to register at www.GED.com. You will need a valid email address and your password. If you do not have an email account, you can create one for free at gmail.com or yahoo.com. Click here to learn how.

*Please do not lose your email or password. You will need them every time you will take a GED Ready® or GED® test. This is how the GED officials keep your records for your certification. Keep them accessible.

You will also need to bring a PRINTED confirmation of your test schedule (no mobiles).

You will also need to show your Photo ID or Photo Identification. Register with your full legal name as it appears in your identification card. They should match. If you do not have a picture ID because you are going through the DACA process, you can get a passport or a “matrícula consular” through the correspondent embassy or consulate


CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

CLICK HERE to check the official GED testing sites.

The GED® test is not an easy test. Do not get discouraged, but do learn from your results.

For the GED Ready®, you can get a score in 3 ranges:

  1. Will probably do not pass
  2. Too close to call
  3. Will probably pass

If you are in the first range, you need to work more on your skills and knowledge.

If you fall into the second range, work on the recommended areas and try it again (Your 2nd GED Ready® or the GED®). Your teacher will be able to help you decide when it is best.

If you score in the third area, schedule your GED® as soon as possible.

The Centro Hispano Marista takes the “Too close to call” and “will probably pass” as success from our classes.

Please let your teachers and our Registrar Office know about your results with a picture with your name visible at ged@marist.com. It is the only way we can update our database and allocate you in the next class or Graduation Ceremony.

For the GED®, you either pass or not.

If you do pass, congratulations! Let your teacher and our Registrar Office know (ged@marist.com) to update your information.

If you do not pass, you can try it again for a discounted prize ($20), but if you fail the 3rd time and then you will have to wait for 6 months before you can retake it. This information varies, so please check the official www.GED.com portal for accuracy.

Again, your teachers can give you a better recommendation on what you need.

Your email account is important for 2 reasons:

  1. It is necessary to have one to register at the GED® portal and to schedule your GED® exams. Is with your email and personal information how the GED organization track your exams, and eventually, your certification and transcripts. This is why you should not take the GED® or the GED Ready® with multiple email accounts. It’s in your best interest to use only one email account to keep record for your certificate, to receive a discounted rate in case you do not pass a GED® exam, and to keep record of those modules you pass.
  1. Your email is also now a requirement to be enrolled in the Centro Hispano Marista program. Having your email will allow us to let you know about important information, such as, last minute cancellations, changes in your classroom, and questions about your progress and graduation. Please, make sure we have your correct and updated email in our records. Contact us to update your info at (770) 742-9090 o through email at ged@marist.com.

If you don’t have an email, you can create one for free at gmail.com. Click here to learn how.

Please, make sure you have always your email (and password) available. Do not lose it. You will use it during the whole program.

We do not encourage you to have several email accounts. We do recommend you set your email account in your mobile phone if possible, so you can check it and have it handy always.

We offer re-enrollment as a “returning student.” It takes more resources to process your registration because, for example, we need to check previous information and classes taken, check your past tests and progress, etc., so there is an extra fee of $30 compared to the new students.

*If you were a DACA student in our program and our system indicates you left or we removed you from our program, we sorry but we cannot renew your DACA letter. Ask your lawyer for advice.

**If you are a current DACA student in our program, you do not want to become a dropout. Keep your active status, your attendance, and participation, so when you need to renew your papers (Immigration suggest 6 months before the deadline), we can help you have a smooth process.

Once you are a student at Centro, you will always be part of Centro. Yes, you can participate in the Graduation Ceremony. If you finished, let us know even though you do not want to participate in the ceremony. Thank you.

We welcome anyone 18 years old or older who wants to study regardless of their immigration status.

You only need the following:

  1. Email (that works and that you check often)
  2. Fill out the registration form (check  NEW STUDENT page)
  3. Bring/send a copy of picture ID (passport/matrícula consular/driver licence)
  4. Pay your fees
  5. Take your placement test
  6. Have a computer or tablet, and daily internet access.
  7. Motivation to learn and work hard!

Of course!

You (and us, too) need  to demonstrate your commitment with your studies: we do so when you pass successfully a recent class and you are active in our system by being registered for the next class. You should not leave the program until you finish, so we can validate your commitment. We will not issue any letters unless the requirements are met, no exceptions.

Please read more details in our DACA website. 

No. Being fluent in English is really important. At the Centro Hispano Marista, however, we focus on GED programs.

There are many great ESL programs. We recommend that if you (or a potential student) can benefit from learning English, you should work on an ESL program while simultaneously working on the GED program. If you do not have the academic level to enter our GED program and you are in process of DACA, you can also have the alternative to study ESL.

Some great ESL programs in the Atlanta area are the following:

Catholic Charities: (770) 790-3111

Latin American Association: (404) 638-1800

No, payments are non refundable. No exceptions. When we get your payment, we use our resources to process your application and make sure you have a spot in a class and a teacher.

The only exception is if you do not pass the admission test and your level is too low for our program. In that case we will refund your money and just charge $30 for the admission test, but we will likely put you in a remedial class to see if you can improve with a class.

Make sure you are ready and comfortable to enroll when you make your payment. Thank you.


We want to help you and to be more effective, we ask you that when communicating with us through email, text, or phone, please ALWAYS  leave your full and legal name, a brief message, and the best way to contact you.  Thank you!