Graduates’ stories and reflexions.

*Some answers were translated to English

Aribet M. 2013 Getting my GED was necessary to advance in my career. Also, it was a great example for my children. I will resume my goals of pursuing my next achievement.
Eloisa Z. 2015 As a single mom, it was important to me not only to achieve this personal goal, but to be a model to my children, to be someone they can look up to and say, ‘Hey, if Mom finishes school, it’s because she wants a better future for us”. It felt so good, I am proud of myself.
Eloisa G. 2015 It was an amazing feeling to know that nothing is impossible.
Rocio Del Carmen F. 2015 After graduating, I felt the desire to move forward and set an example for my children, who are under 15 years old. Thanks to Centro Hispano Marista for opening its doors to us and to the teachers who always had positive thoughts with the students, encouraging us to graduate and move forward.
Armando G. 2016 It served as motivation for my 7-year-old son; he asked me why I was going to school when I’m older, and he said that he will finish much earlier.
Diana Yareli C. 2016 Graduating was one of my greatest achievements because despite all the obstacles I had to finish my studies, I managed to fulfill one of my mother’s dreams.
Esmeralda Del Rocio O. 2016 After graduating, I felt much more fulfilled. If I could achieve my GED, I can achieve much more.
Isai G. 2016 I’m very proud of myself and I have been able to inspire my friends to graduate as well. It was one of the best experiences of my life because now I know I can achieve everything if I propose it to myself. Thank you.
Lizbeth A. 2016 When I first started taking my GED classes, my English was not very good, but the more time I spent in class, the better my English became. That’s the reason I could pass all my tests, because I was able to understand more. Now I’m on my way to start college, and it took me a little longer than what I planned, but having my GED makes me feel more confident that I could conquer whatever I wanted to. Right now, I’m working as a supervisor in an Agency in Austin, Texas, and I’m extremely thankful to Centro Hispano Marista family that always encouraged us to keep studying and not give up on this important part that will open many doors in our futures.
Luz Antonio M. 2016 Well, to start, it was an important step since I needed the GED for a promotion at work. I went from being an employee to being a supervisor of employees, so it was a big step, not just a position, it came with better pay.
Maribel T. 2016 Thanks to the history class with Professor Gregory (excellent history teacher) and his classes on the history of the United States, it was easier for me to pass my citizenship exam. On the other hand, I have two daughters, one in 11th grade and the youngest in 6th grade. They were both very proud of me when I finished my GED. No matter the age or how busy we are in everyday life, educating ourselves and obtaining a higher level of education will never be a waste of time.
Orfanel T. 2016 One goal that makes you feel better about yourself and sets an example for people who drop out. It’s never too late to go back to school and go to college.
Roman T. 2016 After I got my GED, I felt proud of myself and starting I understanding the American culture. Currently, I am about to start my own business, and with the training that Centro Hispano Marista offered me, I will move forward.
Sandra F. 2016 After graduating, I immediately applied to become a child development associate (CDA) teacher, then studied to become a special education specialist. And now I am preparing to enter college. With pride, I tell everyone about my experience at CHM, where they give us personalized attention.
Tania V. 2016 There is satisfaction and pride when you achieve your goals.
Abel J. 2017 Getting my GED diploma makes me feel more prepared to move forward in life.
Cesar Alexander C. 2017 Attending classes at Centro Hispano Marista was crucial to obtaining my GED. Thanks to them, today I can express myself better and fill out forms correctly. This has helped me to be promoted in my job. Thanks, Centro Hispano Marista for all your help.
Claudia Lorenza S. 2017 If you can think of it, you can do it. I feel proud of myself. I’m able to do activities with my kids. After I graduated, it made me feel relieved, like I finally did it, and I made my family and myself very proud.
Cristina H. 2017 After my graduation, I felt more confident and eager to continue studying, to have a career, and even more knowing that programs like these exist to help and support. They are very good mentors. Thank you very much for always supporting me.
Dania D. 2017 I am very grateful to the entire team at Centro Hispano Marista; they helped me a lot to finish my GED. They have excellent teachers.
Deylin C. 2017 I feel satisfied with my achievement and the new opportunities I have attained.
Diana H. 2017 Best feeling ever, to have a goal accomplished!
Edgar Jesus S. 2017 Truly a blessing for me. Having the support of all the staff gave me the enthusiasm to follow new opportunities and dreams. Centro taught me not to give up and to aspire for new things in my future. It was a very positive and joyful experience. Now that I graduated, I thank all the teachers and staff for helping me become a better person.
Enma G. 2017 I am studying a technical career; it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Centro Hispano Marist. Thank God and my teachers, I was able to obtain my GED diploma. Now I am studying in California to be a cosmetologist!
Enrique L. 2017 It is a way of knowing that goals can be achieved.
Erika G. 2017 I motivated my sibling to finish their GED and my coworker. It gave me great pride for my accomplishments and to continue with education. It needs hard work and dedication, but it’s worth it.
Erika G. 2017 I am thankful, first of all, to God and Centro Hispano Marista for the opportunity. It has given me more confidence in life. Thanks to all the wonderful people who gave their time and will to teach us.
Gonzalo I. 2017 I know that as an immigrant, particularly at the beginning, it is really hard to find the confidence to get a good job. But you have to push yourself until the end to be successful. Centro helped me with that. I keep working to be better personally and professionally and never give up.
Herbey G. 2017 The teachers are excellent, and it’s a great experience to study and learn about the history of this country.
Ismael E. 2017 Seeing the class of 2016 with their graduation attire was what motivated me to achieve it, it was difficult but possible. After graduating, I had the opportunity to get a better salary.  I motivated friends who also wanted to obtain their GED, telling them my story, sharing a few tips I learned from the teachers at Centro Marista; with dedication and help from Centro Marista, it is 100% possible to graduate. I also shared that I had to sacrifice, but every sacrifice was worth it. And now, thanks to God, I have DACA, I can get a job anywhere because I know I have my GED, which is one of the requirements that many places of work ask for. Thanks to Centro Marista for all your support.
Juan O. 2017 I can help my family; I feel happy for my efforts, and I am grateful to my teachers. My education is something no one can take away from me. I tell my friends to study, you only need to believe in yourself and put all your trust in God!
Julio Adrián G. 2017 I am grateful to all of you; you are excellent teachers, and thank you for helping so many people fulfill their dreams of continuing their education. Thank you very much.
Lauro Ibam M. 2017 I have more and better job opportunities after obtaining my GED. I am a good  example for my daughters to move forward.
Manuel A. 2017 Besides being very satisfying getting my GED, it motivated me to continue my education. I can be an example to my family, showing that with effort, everything can be achieved! I thank you very much for the excellent program and the support for all the people who have wanted to excel.
Maria Isabel S. 2017 I realized that despite the years, I can still achieve anything I set my mind to. I learned to trust myself and to feel more confident, with new hopes and goals to achieve.
Mariana P. 2017 It’s a very beautiful experience. When you receive your diploma in your hands, it’s a difficult achievement but possible with the help of wonderful people who dedicate their time to help us.
Marcela M. 2017 Excited about myself for being able to achieve what some people are afraid to do. Happy to be the pride of my family and to inspire people who can also achieve it. Thanks to my GED, I was able to get a job in Gwinnett County. With God’s favor, we will continue on the path forward
Maryuri C. 2017 It was an amazing experience. For a very long time, I thought I was done with school, but Centro Hispano gave me new hope. They helped me through everything: emotional support, moral support, and scholastic support. Finishing my GED has opened many doors that I thought I would never reach. They have helped me get my DACA and have made me a better person. I have been an inspiration to my family thanks to this program. I have referred many people I know because I know they can always help. They are there to help even if you come from different backgrounds. I am very thankful to Dr. Leticia and staff and of course, the amazing volunteers that helped me. I met many students who drove for more than an hour just to get there. It would be amazing if this center could grow bigger. They house so many students without pay. They are doing an excellent job helping people like me. Someone who thought it was not hope gave me a new beginning. Thank you.
Miriam R. 2017 It raised my self-esteem a lot. I saw that ‘yes, it can be done.’ I started studying to become a CDA, and I continued studying in that area of early childhood education. And I am very, very happy thanks to CHM.
Nancy A. 2017 Good luck to all Centro students, and don’t forget that education is something that no one can take away from you. Don’t give up, and give yourselves the opportunity to walk and receive your diploma; the satisfaction you will have will be worth it.
Omar G. 2017 Very good school and excellent motivation they offer to achieve it.
Oscar G. 2017 I feel super happy with this school full of professionals who helped me get my GED; this was like an impossible dream, and thanks to this school, I achieved what I had wanted for years. Thank you, my God, for putting these people in our paths.
Pedro I. 2017 Finishing was in important step up in my life.
Queira M. 2017 Getting my GED helped me become a successful person. Very good school and excellent motivation they offer to achieve it.
Rosa F. 2017 I am very grateful to Centro Hispano Marista for the great service they provide. Every day, they motivated me to achieve my goal of finishing my GED. My children are very proud of me.
Samuel O. 2017 Thanks to Centro Hispano for the help they provided and for inspiring me to study hard to obtain my GED.
Beatriz Adriana R. 2018 The GED gave me a better job and the strengh to purse better opportunities.
Blanca G. 2018 I am fully grateful to Centro since they not only helped me get my diploma but also helped me realize that I can do more than I imagined. I didn’t just need the GED to hang the diploma in the middle of my room; it was to show myself how much I can achieve. This is just the push I needed; nothing can stop me, I’m going for more.
Jessica H. 2018 I can show my children that if I could, they can also do it and graduate. They feel proud of their mother. Education gives you  a better future, and it’s the only thing that cannot be taken away from us.
Jose Adolfo R. 2018 I had waited for an opportunity for a long time to obtain my GED and this was possible thanks to Centro Hispano Marista. I enrolled, and with the help of all the people who are part of it, my dream came true. Currently, I am applying to get a better job; I am very happy, and it has given me the confidence and pride when I fill out a job application in the ‘Education History’ box. I write: GED, CENTRO HISPANO MARISTA, ATLANTA GA. Once again, thanks to everyone.
Julio Roberto P. 2018 I will continue my studies at the university and get a better job and a better live. I would like other students to follow in my footsteps toward a better future. Thanks.
Karina C. 2018 After graduating, I got a better job at a multinational company. I am part of the logistics department; my job title is shipping and receiving clerk. I receive a better salary and benefits such as medical and dental insurance. I am certified by Lion Technology Inc. to transport lithium batteries. Now I have been assigned another course, ‘Distribution and Logistics Management.’ I know God sees the desires of my heart and will give me the understanding to master the English language to obtain my bilingual certification. I also know I will find a way to attend college and obtain a degree in business management. Thank God for giving me the opportunities to be in this beautiful country full of opportunities, for putting Centro Hispano Marista in my path, a team of people with such a big heart willing to help and teach others. Never stop dreaming that if you can believe it, you can create it.
Maria del Rosario S. 2018 For me, studying and preparing for a better future is a priority, serving as inspiration for my children and others is very gratifying. Centro Hispano Marista made my graduation dream come true, and I have no words to thank them for all the love and effort they put into their work with each one of us.
Maria S. 2018 My name is María Sandoval, where I come from, obtaining education is not so easy; unfortunately, in my country, it is very complicated to attend high school. Graduating from high school was always one of my goals for different reasons, but the main one was to have a better academic education. As a saying goes, ‘In this society, they can take everything away from you except education.’ In the end, I think that what we learn is the only thing we will keep. I achieved it this year 2018, finally obtaining my diploma, a great achievement for me, without a doubt. Anyone who perseveres will achieve. These words I repeated every time. I doubted myself at the beginning and I learned to be confident and believe in myself. Thanks to Centro Hispano Marista team for the support.
Roberto Anibal O. 2018 Centro Hispano Marista is very important for every graduate or for anyone who wants to obtain the GED. Without this door, I mean Centro Hispano Marista, many Hispanics will continue without access to education. Centro Hispano Marista is a determining factor in the Hispanic community for those of us who successfully obtain a GED diploma.
Saul Orlando I. 2018 After graduating, I felt very good about myself because I was able to achieve one of my goals, and more than that, it helped me get a better job.
Silvia R. 2018 Getting my GED is very positive for me and my family. I feel proud to achieve it. Thanks to God, who puts all these volunteer people in Centro Hispano Marista; I feel very grateful to all the people who make this possible. Blessings to all.
Maricela M. 2019 Thanks to Centro Hispano Marista and its teachers for giving us the opportunity and support to finish the GED, which nowadays is very important to have better opportunities. Personally, it helped me a lot because thanks to that, I was able to get a job in the public school. I am very grateful to you for the support and dedication of each one of you. My family is super proud of me, and that makes me happy and say that I can achieve whatever I set out to do, always as long as I want it. So to all the students who are preparing, don’t give up and keep going; sometimes you have to risk everything for a dream that only we can see and that with each step, you move forward until you reach the goal.
Abel J. 2019 Studying to obtain the GED certificate gave me the inspiration to continue working on my academic life. I learned that if you really want to achieve a goal, you can, as long as you make the decision to do it and never give up. If at any time bad thoughts of giving up come, take a break and come back; you will feel better and have more motivation to move forward with your project.
Ana M. 2019 I got my GED in 2019 after 6 months of attending Centro Hispano Marista. I heard about the program through a co-worker and decided to give it a shot. I did it! To my surprise, it inspired me to keep going. I have since gone to community college and will be graduating this May with an AAS in Accounting. Not only that, I was also able to land an entry-level job in a great company because I graduated and continued school. I have since been promoted and have learned so much. I am inspired to keep moving up and will eventually study for a bachelor’s degree. Not only did it change my life, but it also inspired my little sister to do the same. She graduated from Centro after only 3 months. She also decided to keep going, and took a course to become a nail tech. She is now a registered nail technician. Thank you, Centro Hispano Marista!
Filemon N. 2019 Taking advantage of all that Centro offers helped me to continue studying. I am very thankful to both, those who offer the program, and for those who decide to study because both make our community better for all.
Francisco L. 2019 It was a great experience to receive my education from great teachers at Centro. All subjects they taught us felt very easy to learn. Thanks for the great effort and work done there. Blessings.
German M. 2019 Although I couldn’t move forward with DACA, I got married, and the GED helped me in the meantime to apply for a better job with better benefits. I have been looking forward to applying to a technical school to pursue a career. My future goal is studying botany and working for Atlanta Botanical Garden.
Hugo Jorge J. 2019 For me, it was very special to obtain my GED, and it was not just my success, it was also for my mom’s success, who always instilled in me the importance of continuing my education and becoming someone in life with a profession. I couldn’t finish my studies in my country for one reason or another but thank God I did it here!! And what I did not only positively affected me but also the people around me. It’s like motivation, showing them through actions that they too can achieve whatever they set their minds to. My life has changed a lot since then. I couldn’t imagine the impact the certificate would have on my career; many doors opened for me, thanks to God, and I finally found a job that I truly enjoy. My salary is good and will continue to grow! I work fewer hours and earn more than in my previous jobs. I have benefits that I never had before getting my GED. Nothing is easy in life, but if you rely on God and fight for your goals, whatever they may be, you can see them come true. Life will test you to see how much you truly desire what you say your desire, and that’s where you must have the willpower to fight with all your strength and not give up until you achieve your goals.
Maria de Los Angeles R. 2019 Graduating from GED makes you feel confident, makes you understand that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.
Rocio F. 2019 After graduating, getting my GED became one of the greatest achievements of my life. Not only was it a personal achievement, but it also brought me one step closer to achieving my career goals. Obtaining my GED allowed me to qualify for better job opportunities and pursue higher education. The supportive environment at Centro Hispano Marista empowered me to believe in myself and my abilities. I am forever grateful for the guidance and encouragement I received from the dedicated staff and teachers. The experience of earning my GED has instilled in me a sense of pride and accomplishment that continues to motivate me to strive for excellence in all areas of my life.
Felipe H. 2020 After graduating from Centro Hispano Marista, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment. For years, I had doubted my ability to succeed academically, but earning my GED proved to me that with dedication and support, anything is possible. The staff at Centro Hispano Marista provided me with the resources and encouragement I needed to reach my full potential. Not only did obtaining my GED open new opportunities for me professionally, but it also boosted my self-confidence and belief in myself. I am forever grateful for the positive impact that Centro Hispano Marista has had on my life, and I will always cherish the memories and friendships I made there.
Guadalupe M. 2020 Getting my GED helped me pursue my dream of working in what I love. After graduating, I obtained my cosmetology certificate.
Anonymous 2020 I did it to inspire my children, showing them that with effort and dedication, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.
Adan B. 2021 Since arriving in the United States, I have always felt the need to continue my education. Somehow, find a way to integrate into the education system this country offers. Unfortunately, I did not have success, resources, or support for over 15 years until I found this support platform for the entire community of Centro Hispano Marista. When I heard about the program, I hoped to continue my studies and discover new avenues of professional development. The program provides all the necessary tools for one to graduate. The instructors have all the knowledge and patience to guide and explain each step or doubt one may have. The program directors warmly welcome and guide you and make you feel that your potential and goals are important. This program can be a turning point in anyone’s future and will help and motivate anyone to continue developing personally and professionally.
Cruz Patricio A. 2021 I am now a good example for my family and close friends. Studying has allowed me to better manage my painting business, which I have grown and made more successful.
Evelina L. 2021 I didn’t finish my studies in my country, and my dad came to this country to give us better opportunities, but I didn’t take advantage of it. He passed away, and I wanted him to be proud of me. Now, I am studying cosmetology, which is something I am passionate about, but I couldn’t pursue it without my GED. Thanks to God and Centro Hispano Marista, I got it, and now I am learning a lot!
Fanny J. 2021 In 2021, I graduated as a single mother, which was a bit difficult, but I achieved it. It took me some time to find a better job, but I made it. I am now a teacher’s assistant, and I am about to start pursuing my CDA to become a lead teacher.
Guadalupe S. 2021 It was the best decision I could make in my life
María Dolores D. 2021 It has been a total learning experience for me in various aspects, both academically and in personal growth. I learned that with discipline, focus, and consistency, goals are achieved. Now I feel more confident to pursue whatever I set my mind to because I know I will achieve it. Thank you very much, Centro Hispano Marista, for making this possible.
Putu J. 2021 Thanks to my GED, I was promoted to a manager position. Thank you for your support.
Anonymous 2022 I got my GED in 2022. I had planned to apply to college right after, but I found out my husband and I were expecting our very first baby. Now, college wasn’t an option, but my GED still helped me enroll in an online veterinary assistant program to kickstart my veterinary career. I feel better about myself after graduating and try to inspire my younger siblings.
Jonathan S. 2022 Thank you to everyone who helped me, and I hope you are all doing well. For me, having my diploma was like achieving something I couldn’t do when I was younger. Now, with the support of my family and everyone at Centro Hispano Marista, I was able to achieve it, and I feel very good about myself, thank you.
Jose Enrique A. 2022 Talking about my positive experience after graduating is talking about all those people who made this possible. I think I am where I am now thanks to those who gave me a hand. First, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to study. Then, I want to allude to my family and friends who supported me to continue pursuing the dream of getting the GED; without them, this would not have been possible. In addition to my family and friends, Centro Hispano Marista played an essential role in making this dream come true. I still think about the great work they do at Centro. Who offers their space and time to serve without expecting anything in return? It was evident that they only wanted to see the students realize their dreams. I admire them, and I will be eternally grateful to all Centro’s staff. Very especially with the priests who celebrated Mass before class. Secondly, I want to tell you a little about how getting the GED has helped me. On the one hand, it has served me to educate myself academically. After graduating from Centro, I realized that I could write better. That is, my spelling and punctuation have considerably improved. Mathematics was very difficult for me, but it is now also much better. On the other hand, the GED opened the doors for me to continue studying in college. I finished a year of college, but for economic reasons, I could not continue. However, that year of college served me to further expand my knowledge and the way of relating to people. Moreover, it helped me to get a better position within my job. Nowadays, I work in an office making estimates for an air conditioning company. All this good that has happened would not have been this way without the GED. Regarding studies, I plan to resume classes as soon as the opportunity arises. Finally, I take advantage of these lines to tell everyone who wants to study, dear fellow students, do not to get tired of pursuing your dreams. Life will put many barriers in your way, but you can overcome those obstacles. If it gets complicated on one side, look on the other, and sooner or later, you will be able to achieve your goals. If, for reasons of life, you do not achieve some goals, do not worry, be grateful for what you can achieve and help others achieve what you cannot. I leave you with this phrase to ask you to embrace study with joy: ‘Never consider study as an obligation, but as an opportunity to enter the beautiful and wonderful world of knowledge.’ Albert Einstein. In the meantime, keep fighting for your goals and be happy facing life! A fraternal hug and my best wishes on your journey into the unknown.
Luisa C. 2022 I realized how much more I can do with relatively little effort.
Adolfo M. 2023 I can use my GED to apply for more stable and higher-paying jobs. This will help support my family. I never thought I would graduate, but I did, and hopefully, others will be inspired. It’s never too late.
Andrea C. 2023 Thanks to my GED, I was able to start studying biology at SGSC and become part of their soccer team. Obtaining my GED helped me to have the opportunity to continue studying since it is a requirement to enter university. Also, graduating helped me to be an example for my daughters and family.
Coral P. 2023 Once I was told that a “GED won’t take you far,” and it’s a big lie, because it has opened many doors for many jobs and schools for me. Besides, the satisfaction of achieving a diploma in another country that is not yours when you are already an adult makes you believe that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. In my case, it restored my self-esteem and my desire to improve myself. Today, thanks to my GED, I am in a better job with a better salary, better benefits, and with a strong desire to learn a little more every day!
Digna Rosa G. 2023 First and foremost, I thank God for giving me the opportunity to graduate from the best school. I am truly happy and have no complaints about my journey. Teacher Cecilia and Dr. Leticia were always there for me, supporting me despite having 5 daughters and 1 son. I now can say, I did it.
Julia D. 2023 My story after getting my GED continues; now I am in college pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources. Thanks to my performance in school and the tests, I was able to obtain a 30% scholarship in college. My time at Centro was a very beautiful story that began two years ago. I continue working on this dream of mine. Thank you for everything.
Nayeli E. 2023 After graduating, I have had more opportunities to start my trade. At the moment, I am working in a neurology clinic. I really enjoy learning about everything. My positions are now case manager, coordinator, and occasionally I help as a medical assistant. I have many goals to achieve, with God’s help, of course. I do everything to show my two children that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! It has been a blessing for me that my children got to see their mom achieve her dreams. Thank you, Dr. Leticia, administrators, and teachers!
Cesar M. 2023 I started my degree at Piedmont Technical College to study maintenance. Without the GED, I could not have started this new career. Thank you very much for helping me obtain my GED and for opening many doors for the future.