Wonderful teachers, please read all the info below. Consider bookmarking this page. Any question, just email us. Thank you!


  • THANK YOU! – We could not do this without you!
  • INFORMATION – Always refer your students to the website for questions and the latest information.
  • PARKING -In front of the Ivy Street Building (students will use the parking lot in the back)
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS – Only in the cafeteria
  • BE TOUGH AT THE BEGINNING – It is always easier to get softer later on and not the other way around.

You can download all dates (scroll down and click “Export Listed Events,” then click “Next Events” and repeat).

Feb. 4 – Tue                    Classes – Spring semester

Feb. 11 – Tue                 Classes

Feb. 18 – Tue                 Classes

Feb. 25 – Tue                 Classes

Mar. 3 – Tue                    Classes

Mar. 10 – Tue                 NO CLASSES – Spring Break

Mar. 17 – Tue                 Classes

Mar. 24 – Tue                 Classes

Mar. 31 – Tue                 Classes 7:30 to 9 – College Fair (6:30 to 7:30)

Apr. 7 – Tue                    Classes

Apr. 14 – Tue                  Classes

Apr. 21 – Tue                  Classes

Apr. 26 – Tue                  Classes – Last day to pay reenrollment

May 4 -May 8   – Mon-Thu   Testing week          Computer labs (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu)

May 12                           Teacher’s Dinner  (Crest Lobby)

  • MISSING CLASS – PLEASE, please, please, let us know as soon as you can if you know you cannot come to class. The more in advance we know, the more chances we can find a sub for your class.
  • ARRIVAL – Students should not enter the classroom until you do. They will wait outside until you let them in.
  • FOLDER – There will be a folder in your classroom with an attendance sheet with includes a homework/weekly test tracking column. Please do not take the folder or the sheets with you. If you want a copy, please let us know and we will provide you one.
  • ATTENDANCE – use the Google Sheets link that we sent you.
  • HOMEWORK / TEST TRACKING – Just as attendance, please keep track of homework or any test you do. This is so important for your students to be successful in the class so please be tough from the beginning.
  • DROPOUT POLICY – 3 absences (or equivalents), in any order, and the systems will drop them out. Justified absences will still count as absences.
  • STUDENT PERFORMANCE – Depending on your class speed (advanced classes, remedial classes), please let us know if you spot students who are lagging behind or getting ahead. We want put them in the right class for them. Please let us know at centrohispano@marist.com. Thank you.
  • CONTACT STUDENTS – If you email our students in a class email, please put their addresses as blind copy (bcc).
  • COPIES – If you need copies of material for you class, you can ask Cecilia to help you have them ready. Send the material by Monday to ged@marist.com. They will be on black and white. Please be mindful of paper use.
  • ASSISTANTS – From time to time, we have volunteers who would like to help as teacher assistants. If you are interested, please email gedvolunteers@marist.com.
  • NO CHILDREN ALLOWED – Please encourage your student to avoid bringing children
  • LEGAL ADVICE – Send them to Leticia or Cecilia to the cafeteria. We will send them to the right person.
  • LEAVING – Please leave the classroom as it was. If you used the white board, please erase it before you leave. Thank you!

Students will be purchasing their books before classes start. Some procrastinating students will wait until the first class. Additional books in inventory will be available for purchase in the Cafeteria on Tuesday class nights BEFORE or AFTER class time.

Steck Vaughn GED per subject: Workbook and Student Book for both subject

If you have a particular book request, please email us at centrohispano@marist.com

Classes Spring 2020
ClassroomName TeacherFirstName TeacherLastName CoTeacherFirstName CoTeacherLastName CourseCode CourseName
Chanel 310 Marco Valencia     MA S Razonamiento Matemático
Chanel 311 Chico Wojna Beatriz Leon-York MA S Razonamiento Matemático
Chanel 312 Francisco Alvarez     MA S Razonamiento Matemático
Chanel 314 Fernando Kock Luis Keith Pena Acosta MA S Razonamiento Matemático
Chanel 315 Brianda Cabrera     MA S Razonamiento Matemático
Chanel 316 Rene Rodriguez     MA S Razonamiento Matemático
Chanel 317 Isabel Garrido     PreMA S PreGED Matemáticas Remediales
Chanel 350 Richard Szymke     SS Social Studies
Chanel 351 Ryan Nelson     MA Mathematical Reasoning
Chanel 352 Steve Hart     PreMA PreGED Remedial Math
Chanel 353 Richard Pfeiffer     MA Mathematical Reasoning
Chanel 354 Marty Byrne     LA Language Arts
Chanel 356 Iris Osburn     LA Language Arts
Chanel 357 Jennifer Carlson Kathy Parker PreLA PreGED Remedial Language Arts
Ivy 204 Susan Freed Sarah Bundschuh SC Science
Ivy 206 Carlos Gonzalez Islas Igor Albizua-Santin LA S Artes del Lenguaje
Ivy 208 Banesa Guaderrama     LA S Artes del Lenguaje
Ivy 220 Sandra Ferreras     LA S Artes del Lenguaje
Ivy 222 Ana Bautista     LA S Artes del Lenguaje
Ivy 224 Neyda Canizales Alvarez Gilmer Pinto LA S Artes del Lenguaje
Ivy 304 Carola Garcia Manzano     SC S Ciencias
Ivy 306 Raul Alfonso     SS S Estudios Sociales
Ivy 308 Jose Villegas     SS S Estudios Sociales
Ivy 320 Jose Escobar     PreLA S PreGED Lenguaje Remedial
Ivy 322 Hanner Nader     PreLA S PreGED Lenguaje Remedial
Ivy 324 Ana Maria Rodriguez Hozman     PreLA S PreGED Lenguaje Remedial
W172 Christopher Michaud     MA Mathematical Reasoning
W182 Judy Steffy     LAB Computer Lab English

Guidelines General Class Objectives. These are for reference, but you as teacher can modify them.












Give us your feedback (centrohispano@marist.com). We want to make this as easier as possible to you, too!

  • WIFI INTERNET CONNECTION – We will have access to wifi in the classroom during our classes’ times. You will see “Centro Hispano” and the password is “CentroHispano”. You can share it with you students. Please do not use “Marist Guest” – it will be disabled.
  • PROJECTORS – Marist IT prefer that we use the wireless connections. You will need the driver software: (Easy MP by Epson for Laptops) or iProjector app (available for free at the app stores) for iPhone, iPads, Androids (software has its limitations).
  • Some classrooms have document cameras. You can use them as long as you do not move any connection and you turn them off. Thank you!
  • Please try not touch any connections in the classrooms or the computer lab. Thank you.
  • Please turn off the projectors when they are not in use.

TUESDAYS: If your schedule allows it, please consider offering tutoring before or after class. Sometimes, our students have questions that need one-on-one attention. Ten minutes before or after class could do wonders!

SATURDAYS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER: We will continue to offer math tutorials on Saturdays from 9am to 11am at M002 (English) and M003 (Spanish), and Writing tutorials from  9am to 11am at M002 (English) and M003 (Spanish).

*Please encourage your students to sign up through the website as the semester ends, before every Fridays (top menu). Thank you!

Click “here” (not yet completed) for link for lab schedule

*If early in the semester you know you will be missing a class, let us know so we can explore sending your class to the lab. Thank you.

Coming soon

Please encourage your students to program their official test as soon as they pass (or get a too close to call in) their GED Ready. We ideally want to have their official tests during DECEMBER (fall) / MAY (spring). After that time, they start forgetting important things they learned.

*Some students may ask you if they can take it at home. The answer is yes IF you already have at least an official GED. If not, we want to guide them through the process in the lab to ensure they schedule their test.

Thank you!

Test resources for all teachers (click here)

Key indicators to watch in students by subject (click here)

Professional Development (click here)


Mathematical Reasoning Webinar (Sept 2015)

In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into the content covered on the 2014 GED®test – Mathematical Reasoning. We’ll take a look at the types of questions that students are missing on the test and examine the skills students need in order to answer these question correctly. We’ll also explore teaching strategies and techniques that you can use in your classroom to help students develop these skills.

Argumentative Writing (June 2015)

It’s not just about Reasoning Through Language Arts! This webinar will focus on the process of teaching argumentative writing – one step at a time. Dig deeper into the different parts of argumentative writing and how to integrate this process in constructed responses for Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. This webinar will provide you with strategies, frames, and graphic organizers for teaching argumentative writing – both in extended responses and short answers. Remember, it’s all about assisting our students in becoming more effective writers.

Science Strategies (Nov. 2015)

Dig deeper into the high impact areas of science and explore some strategies, activities, and even a few experiments that you can use in the classroom. Join us as we use the 5E Instructional Model to promote scientific learning. Take a closer look at how short answer questions are crafted and how to help students make a deeper connection with the wonderful world of science.

Social Studies (Oct. 27, 2015)

Individual rights, state’s rights versus federal power, checks and balances, and separation of power – the constructed response on the GED® Social Studies test requires that students demonstrate their understanding of these enduring issues. Join us as we explore ways to assist our students in defining enduring issues and identifying relationships between primary and secondary resources, as well as their own personal knowledge.


Link to share:



Link to share:


Dropbox – Materials from teachers

Sharing Math Dropbox Folder 
Click the following link to access a YouTube Khan Academy GED playlist with 192 lessons
Click here for the introduction on how to use the TI-30XS calculator (screen). We advise students to buy it so they can use their own on the exam. We sell it for $17.


Click here for the introduction on how to use the TI-30XS calculator (screen) IN SPANISH. We advise students to buy it so they can use their own on the exam. We sell it for $17.


We hope to never be in any of these situations, but to be always prepare, make sure you are familiar on what to do in case of emergency.

CHM – Emergency Procedures

IMPORTANT: Each classrooms has a red folder with these procedures.

Centro Hispano Marista Emergency Manual — long version (will appear in downloaded files)



classes start feburary 4th


No classes March 10th