Financial Aid Information

We all at the Centro Hispano Marista want you to achieve your goals. We do not want you to forgo your education because of financial issues. Although the registration fees are low and GED books are sold to you at cost, the combined costs may not be easily payable at the start of the school year for those with genuinely financial needs.

If you are unable to pay your book and registration fees in full on registration day and you demonstrate genuine financial need, you have the opportunity to sign a NON-NEGOTIABLE PROMISSORY NOTE to get a short-term loan from the Centro. The promissory note carries zero-interest (zero = 0% interest rate).

Part of the agreement includes that you may be asked to help the Centro with 30 minutes before class or 30 minutes after class. You will also have to schedule an interview with us to approve your financial aid between August 1 and August 28th. 

The NON-NEGOTIABLE PROMISSORY NOTE will be due the first week of November (Fall) or April (Spring) (the end of the promissory note). If you are unable to make full payment by the first week of November/April, there are other avenues of financial aid available to you beyond this initial zero-free interest such as grants from the Centro. In the event that you need even more financial aid to help with items beyond the Centro’s fees, there are other agencies that we can refer to help those in difficult financial situations.

This short-term loan is available to you whether you are able to pay your fees later in the term, or whether you will require further forms of financial aid to pay.

*To demonstrate financial need you may be asked to share further information.