Congratulations! Passing the GED® test and getting your certification can open a future filled with new opportunities!

Due to the recent demand for our program and the pandemic restrictions, we are doing enrollment online during the summer 2020. Please fill out this form (click here). You will receive in the following days an invitation for the next orientation when we open it. Thank you. 

Please read carefully all the information below.


The next registration for NEW STUDENTS for the fall 2020 semester will be open online only. Once you sign up with this form (click here), you will receive an email closer to the admission days with the registration form link and afterwards the information to schedule your admission test in the available day. You must come on your assigned day and present your test to be considered for enrollment. Due to the guidelines to fight the COVID pandemic, we will be doing orientation online. We will send information to those who fill out the form about the next steps to enroll as we open the next orientation. 

**DACA: because of the US Supreme Court ruling on DACA, we will have an optional summer II virtual session available to students enrolled for the fall. 

You can do this! We have almost 300 graduates and know how to help. Enroll, get your GED, and enjoy the benefits of education!


We offer preparation classes for GED® in both English and Spanish. The State of Georgia currently allows individuals to present the GED® subject tests in Spanish or English. The tests for all four subjects must be presented in the same language. Bilingual students should take classes and present their GED® exam in their strongest language.

The GED consists of 4 subject tests: Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science. Each test can be presented separately.

Talented volunteer teachers will help you prepare for each GED® subject. They offer their time, talent and effort to help you succeed. Once you pass the GED Ready® test after a class (a practice test which assess your likeliness to pass the exam), we recommend you schedule your GED® exam right away. Your teachers will guide you on when is the best time. Click here to learn more about the GED® test.

Depending on your academic level and your performance in the admission test, you may be placed in a pre-GED class (remedial) or  advanced class. The order of classes will depend on how well you did in each section and the availability of classes/teachers.  Your effort and commitment plays an important part in determining how long it will take you to complete the entire program and obtain your GED® certification. It is expected that you will study during the other days of the week when you are not in class and that you will do the required homework. Failure to do either one of these will jeopardize your ability to remain in the GED® program and acquire the GED® certification.


Classes on campus are offered every Tuesday from mid-September to mid-May, from 7pm to 9pm at Marist School (3790 Ashford Dunwoody Road, NE, Atlanta 30319). Currently, our summer classes are being offered online to follow the guidelines to fight the COVID pandemic until further notice. We are evaluating offering virtual classes also during the fall and spring. Check our calendar, website, and Facebook and Instagram page regularly for updates on dates.

*Note that attending a 2-hour weekly class is not enough to prepare you for the GED® exam. Please read about “commitment and expectations” next.


We know you are busy, but we want you to graduate! Our program offers you a second chance to get your equivalent for high school education through a GED® certificate. To increase your success probability, you must commit to attend all 2-hour weekly classes (on time, punctuality counts towards your participation). Also, you will need to work on your own for at least 6+ hours a week on your homework and building your knowledge. We encourage our students to develop self-study skills and practice concepts learned in class. Use the summer or winter break to advance!

Attendance to classes alone will not be enough to pass the GED® exam.

If you miss classes without a legitimate excuse, or you do not work on homework, or you are constantly arriving late, you risk being dropped from the program at any time. We want to give the opportunity to those students who do commit to graduate.

*If you are a Centro Hispano Marista DACA student, you won’t want to become a dropout. We do not and cannot renew letters for students who have withdrawn or were dropped from our program. Ask your lawyer about the repercussions. You do not want to be left out.

You will take a subject class at a time depending on how you score in your admission test and teachers availability. We want to give the opportunity to participate in the GED® program to those students who really want to graduate. Due to capacity restrictions and to respect to our teacher volunteers, we do need to set a time limit for classes. We determined that you should not take more than 3 semesters to pass a module (very few exceptions apply). We will offer every opportunity for you to succeed, but it is up to you to put the effort. This is why we stress the importance of studying at least 6 hours a week.

It is important that you understand the commitment before you enroll to the program. You can do this but it is your decision to modify your lifestyle and work on your education. We want you to succeed.

Please read our Frequent Asked Questions section.


The tuition is $100 per semesterTuition will be collected every semester (or annually with a discount). The reason we can offer this low tuition is because of the help we receive from our sponsors and donors. Please remember we want to help you to be successful and we hope one day you can help the Centro and other young adults.

*Since September 2017, we will add a $20 fee to those students who do not re-enroll on time or who are dropouts of our program and coming back. It takes extra resources to process them again and differentiate them from new students. Thank you for understanding.

Books and materials are not included in the tuition, but they can be purchased at cost from the Centro Hispano Marista at registration. The cost of books depends on the subject/language and varies from $20 to $67.

*We provide financial aid to those students who demonstrate a genuine need for it. Please check our Financial Aid page. A interview is required.

Note that you will still have to pay for the GED® test through an official GED® Testing Center in the state of Georgia. We suggest you take the test immediately after passing the GED Ready® at the Centro Hispano Marista. This is your responsibility. The cost for each of the 4 modules taken separately is $40. For more info, go to When you pass any of those exams, please let us know and send us a copy or picture of your results at or via text at (770) 742-9090 to update your records.


To register, you will need the following:

  1. Be 18 years or older
  2. Sign up for information online (sign up with this form to receive more information and an invitation for registration as the day approaches). You will still need to schedule, pass the admission test, and pay tuition. Make sure you use your full legal name.
  3. Have an email account If you don’t have one, you can create one for free at or Click here to learn how. Your email is the only way we can communicate to you about important information such as change of dates or cancellation of classes due to inclement weather. You will also need it register for your GED® tests. Please keep your email address and password at hand–do not lose them. We do not recommend you open multiple email addresses. You may want to add your email information in your cellphone and use the email application.
  4. Picture ID. Passport, matrícula consular, drivers licence will work. It doesn’t need to be current at the moment, but know that you will need to have a current one for taking the GED.
  5. Take and pass an admission test . Please do not bring children. Bring picture ID and pencil and eraser. This test will allow us to put you into classes that better serve your academic needs.

*We do not check immigration status


Next Registration will be for the fall 2020

**DACA: because of the US Supreme Court ruling on DACA, we will have an optional summer II virtual session available to students enrolled for the fall. 

We plan to have a admission test during the summer depending on demand and also the guidelines to fight the COVID pandemic. Registration is only offered online. Sign up to this list to receive information and registration invitations.

*Remember you need to register AND to take and pass the admission test AND pay tuition to be enrolled and in class.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for updates.


The admission test for new students (or those who want to reenter the program) will be on the November/December and July/August. You will receive an email to schedule your admission test date. We can only offer a few days so make sure you enroll as soon as possible and do not miss your exam.

Please park in the parking lot across the creek. Please bring a picture ID (passport/matricula consular/driver licence) +  pencil and eraser with you. STUDY. We highly recommend you prepare for this test. It will increase your chances to pass and to qualify for advanced classes, which go faster.  Check out our resources page. All these recommendations will help you be more successful in your exam.

In an effort to better serve you and faculty members, we will evaluate your academic level by subject area. This evaluation will allow us to have more homogeneous classes and provide teaching methods that adjust according to your academic needs. Please note that you should take this exam in the language you would score the highest. We will incorporate a typing test that day also.

The test will have 5 parts, each part for one module (Language Arts, Essay,  Social Studies, Math, and Science). It will also include a typing test.

*Please note that we have restrictions as to how many students we can accept. In the case we exceed capacity, we will select students depending on their performance in the admission test. The order of acceptance is the following: our re-enrolled students have priority, then new students according to their academic performance in the test, and last those students who dropped out but want to reenter the program.
Also, note that we may not be able to enroll you if your academic level is below our Pre-GED classes. We will be happy to provide other options and help you find another program that fits your needs.


We highly recommend you prepare for the admission exam. You can work on your reading during the summer/ winter break, working on typing skills, and reviewing basic math concepts before registering. It will help you score higher in your admission test and qualify for advanced classes. All effort pays off. Please check these helpful resources.

If you feel ready to take any of the 4 GED exams before applying, take them! That way you can only work on those subjects you really need and graduate fasterMake sure you let us know in your registration application.


Please arrive earlier and on time, so you can have enough time to park. Do not bring children or other people with you. Check parking instructions.

Go directly to the CAFETERIA.

The process will include the following:

  1. Welcome and check-in with ID at the cafeteria.
  2. Admission test. The exam will be in a computer.
  3. You will receive an email with your admission information after a week (or before) through email.

Only after we have registered on time, passed your tests, and paid tuition you can enroll if we have space.


You will receive an email  your admission information one week after your test. Please make sure your email is working.

If you get accepted, you will also receive information about preliminary classes books as the classes approach. If we cannot accept you, please read and follow our recommendations and try again next semester.

Classes for the fall 2019 semester start on September 10th, at 7pm sharp.

Classes for the spring 2020 semester start on February 4th, at 7pm sharp.

*Please join us for a special opening Mass on first day of class to pray for a very successful academic year. Mass is offered every Tuesday at 6:30 before class at the Chapel.


Be aware of scams. The Official GED® is not offered online and should only be taken in an Official Testing Center. Preparing adequately for the GED® requires time and effort. Avoid any GED program that offers to prepare you for the GED® test but without requiring you to attend any actual classes. Also, for those students who need an Official DACA letter, be aware that not all letters from GED® schools will be accepted by Homeland Security. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services only accepts DACA letters from institutions approved by Homeland Security. The Centro Hispano Marista is an approved GED program.