Keep the good work! Please read carefully the information below.


Congratulations! Keep working on your education! We want to help you accomplish your academic goals. All students who plan to continue for the 2019-2020 academic year can re-register  to secure their spot.

To re-register, you should have received an email with all the information and link for payment. But in summary, we need your:

    1. PAYMENT: You need to pay a re-registration of $100 before May 1st, 2019Your deposit will grant you active status and a placement exam the last day of classes, which will help us put you in the right class the following semesters. Payments will be received during the month of April. For those close to graduation, please read your emails. — Important: From January 2019 we will charge tuition by semester of $100 to keep the program running.  Also, since September 2017, we will charge extra$20 to those students who miss re-enrollment and reenter the program after the deadline. It requires extra resources to process each student after the deadline, while differentiating from new students. 
    2. KEEP YOUR ATTENDANCE: No more than 3 absences in a semester.
    3. PLACEMENT EXAM: We want to try computer-based placement test. You will receive more information by email. We will reserve your spot in the computer lab during May.


The tuition per semester is $100. Check re-registration dates in the previous tab.

Important:From January 2019, we will charge tuition by semester of $100 to keep the program running. September 2017, we will charge extra $20 to those students who miss re-enrollment and reenter the program after the deadline. It requires extra resources to process each student separately while differentiating from new students.

The reason we can offer this low tuition is because of the help we receive from our sponsors and donors. Please remember we want to help you to be successful and we hope one day you can help the Centro to educate other Hispanic young adults.

Books and materials are not included in the tuition, but they can be purchased at cost from the Centro Hispano Marista at registration. The cost of books depends on the subject/language and varies from $20 to $55.

You can purchase a GED Ready voucher for $5 at the Centro Hispano Marista (or $6 when you pay with debit card online through

*We will continue to provide financial aid to those students who demonstrate a genuine need for it. Please check our Financial Aid page.

Note that you will still have to pay for the GED® test through an official GED® Testing Center in the State of Georgia. We suggest you take the test immediately after passing the GED Ready® at the Centro Hispano Marista. This is your responsibility. The cost for each of the 4 modules taken separately is $40. For more info, go to When you pass any of those exams, please let us know and send us a picture of your results at or via text at (770) 742-9090 to update your records.


The placement will be during May and it is necessary to re-enroll. We will try a computer-based tests this year. We may schedule your test in the computer lab.

To better serve you and our teachers, we will evaluate your academic level by subject of each students. This test will allow us to offer homogeneous classes at the right pace for you. We have observed great improvements in student progress when we account for each student needs by subject. We also know that your academic level changes from year to year so we really want to offer you this possibility to help you more effectively.

The exam will have 5 parts: Language, Essay, Social Studies, Math, and Science. You do not have to complete a section you have already passed with an official GED test for that subject.

Please check our resources page.


We know you are busy, but we want you to graduate! Please review our expectations.

Our program offers you a second chance to get your GED® certificate equivalent for high school education. To increase your success probability, you must commit to attend all 2-hour weekly classes (on time, punctuality counts towards your participation). Also, you will need to work on your own for at least 6+ hours a week on your homework and building your knowledge. We encourage our students to develop self-study skills and practice concepts learned in class. Use the summer and other breaks to advance!

Attendance to classes alone will not be enough to pass the GED® exam.

If you miss classes without a legitimate excuse, or you do not work on homework, or you are constantly arriving late, you risk being dropped from the program at any time. We want to give the opportunity to those students who do commit to graduate.

*If you are a Centro Hispano Marista DACA student, you won’t want to become a dropout. We do not and cannot renew letters for students who have withdrawn or were dropped from our program. Ask your lawyer about the repercussions. You do not want to be left out.

We want to give the opportunity to all potential students who want to pass the GED®, and due to capacity restrictions and to respect to our teacher volunteers, we do need to set a time limit for classes. We determined that you should not take more than 3 semesters to pass a module (very few exceptions apply). We will offer every opportunity for you to succeed, but it is up to you to put the effort. This is why we stress the importance of studying outside your classes since the very beginning.

We can help you pass the exam, but it is your decision to modify your lifestyle and work on your education to do so. We want you to succeed.

Please read our Frequent Asked Questions.


Rules Summary

          • No food or drinks (only at the cafeteria)
          • Alcohol, drugs, or arms are prohibited
          • No children allowed
          • Not entering the classrooms until the teacher gets inside
          • Be on time
          • 4 absences (in any order) and you will be dropped from the program
          • 2 missed homework assignments equals one absence
          • Maximum: 3 semesters to pass a module
          • Put at least 6 hours a week to this program – make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to graduate as soon as possible
          • Present your official GEDs – those are the ones that count. You must update us on your GED tests progress to update your information
          • DACA letters will be given only after being at the CHM for at least 1 semester and to students with active status – We will not give letters to dropout students

Read our Student Handbook for more details.


Support your Centro by buying your books with us.  As soon as we have your classes for the following semester (early August/January), we will send you a form via email so that you can tell us if you want to order books.  Please pay your books as soon as possible. 

*Make sure you use the same email we have on file in your payment.


As soon as you take a GED Ready or a GED official, please immediately send us a picture where we can see your name and your result a or as a text to (770) 742-9090.  It doesn’t matter if you do not pass, we still need this information.  It is the only way that we can know your progress and put you in the right class for the next semester.  Let us know so that we can help you more effectively.

We usually ask you to take the GED test before Christmas (in the fall) or the last week of May (in the spring). If you feel ready to take a test, do it and let us know your scores. Good luck!


Are you getting closer to pass all your tests? We are very excited for you! If you are a candidate to graduate on our December ceremony, plan to take your last OFFICIAL GED exam in November (or before).  Remember that you have to show us all your passing scores before December, so that we can include you in the graduation program and ceremony.

DATES - Spring 2019

Feb. 5 – Tue                    Classes – Spring semester begins

Feb. 12 – Tue                  Classes

Feb. 19 – Tue                  Classes

Feb. 26 – Tue                  Classes

Mar.5 – Tue                   NO CLASSES – Spring Break (same as Marist)

Mar. 12 – Tue                  Classes

Mar. 19 – Tue                  Classes

Mar. 26 – Tue                  Classes

Apr. 2 – Tue                    Classes

Apr. 9 – Tue                  Classes

Apr. 16 – Tue                  Classes

Apr. 23 – Tue                  Classes – Last day to pay re-enrollment

Apr. 30-May 2   – Mon-Thu   Testing week for students

May 7 – Tue                    Closing get-together – Re-enrollment test

May 14– Tue                  Alumni Reunion


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